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Epic and Interoperability: The Facts

• Epic started development of interoperability in 2005, years before the HITECH Act. The first users went live in 2008.
• Today 100% of our customers interoperate. They exchange 1.3M patient records every day with other EHR vendors, government agencies, registries, and each other.
• The Epic community is the most connected to government agencies (VA, DoD, SSA).
• Epic sites comprise 95% of ambulatory physicians and 72% of hospitals at HIMSS Stage 7—an industry recognition that requires standards-based interoperability.
• Epic is a founding member of the Carequality collaborative to connect the networks.
• Our APIs and web services are made available to third party developers and are publicly available on These APIs follow industry-standard HL7 FHIR standards.
MyChart allows patients to download an electronic copy of their record using the industry standard interoperable format (CCD).