Renown Health Combines 10 years of Epic Data with Genetic Data

Will improve population health

Researchers will be able to analyze a wealth of new population health data after Renown Health in Nevada gathers genetic data from thousands of volunteers. That genetic data will then be combined with health and population data from Epic as well as information from environmental databases.

“We will begin to understand how environmental factors can help predict who may be at risk, allow for quicker diagnoses, and encourage the development of more precise treatments,” said Dr. Joseph Grzymski, senior director of the study.

For patients, taking part in the study is as simple as providing a saliva sample. When the results come back, participants are given a personalized report with suggestions on how they can change their behaviors to improve their overall health. Renown’s initial goal was to enroll 5,000 patients, but within just 36 hours of launch, the program had enrolled twice as many. “This is the ultimate example of population health in action in a community based setting,” said Renown Health’s president and CEO Dr. Anthony Slonim.

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