Epic Install a Royal Success at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne

MyChart and Epic’s mobile apps the biggest hits

Seven months after rolling out Epic in the largest go-live Australia’s ever seen, Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) says Epic’s mobile apps have been “an absolute hit” with providers. “It is absolutely great for clinical adoption,” says project director Jackie McLeod.

Patients and families, meanwhile, are some of the first on the continent to have access to a patient portal by way of MyChart, which was live at RCH from day one. “Our parents love that they have access,” McLeod says.

RCH went live with Epic on May 1st, turning on more EHR functionality in a single day than any Australian healthcare organization before them.

“We made it on time and on budget and we implemented everything we were going to implement, so I think that was a really big win,” said project director Jackie McLeod. “I actually don’t think that (Epic) is more expensive than other EMR installs at all.”

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