Epic Fact Check

Corrections to a recent interview

MedCity – “If you were a CIO, what would you ask of Epic?”
Bush – “I think I would ask them to connect and that’s starting to happen.”

False – Epic customers have been exchanging patient records with others since 2008. 100% of Epic’s live customers are able to connect with other groups that use either Epic or non-Epic systems.

Bush – “What we’re doing now is that we are connecting to most of the Epic hospitals in the country and that’s been something that Epic has just allowed us to do in the last couple of months.”
False – Epic and athenahealth sites first connected in May 2014.

Bush – “Well for seven years, they told us to pound sand and (then) a series of events built. We’ve been getting more and more of the retail clinics, and the hospitals that are on Epic have been more and more needy of those referrals.”
False – Over 80% of the retail market, including Walgreens and CVS, is running or installing Epic.

Bush – “And the third was the House Energy and Commerce committee started to subpoena Epic executives charging Epic of stealing federal dollars under the Meaningful Use Act (because their systems didn’t encourage data sharing).”
False – Epic has never been subpoenaed by Congress. Epic’s customers demonstrated data sharing to receive Meaningful Use incentives. Epic customers exchange over one million patient records a day, which is more than customers of any other EHR vendor exchange.