Apple’s CareKit Leveraged to Better Understand Health
The new framework lets developers make apps that actively manage health conditions

Apple has released CareKit, a framework that lets developers make apps that actively manage health conditions. There are four modules within the framework:

  1. Care Card – user checks off recovery and treatment tasks
  2. Symptom & Measurement Tracker – user can assess progression of illness
  3. Insight Dashboard – compares illness tracking against treatment compliance
  4. Connect – gives user ability to share data with family and medical team

There are many use cases and some app makers have gotten a head start to give users ability to track sleep health, depression symptoms, concussions, activity, food consumption, and more.

“With ResearchKit, we quickly realized the power of mobile apps for running inexpensive, high-quality clinical studies with unprecedented reach,” said Ray Dorsey, MD, David M. Levy Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in a press release. “We hope that CareKit will help us close the gap between our research findings and how we care for our Parkinson’s patients day-to-day. It’s opening up a whole new opportunity for the democratization of research and medicine.”

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