Who Rescued Whom?

Adopting a dog saved Eric O'Grey's life

There’s growing evidence that adopting a dog might just save your life. It certainly saved Eric O’Grey’s.

O’Grey was dangerously overweight and spending over $1,000 each month on medicine. His doctor told him if he didn’t drastically change his lifestyle he had five years to live. He decided to call a nutritionist who, surprisingly enough, told him adopt a dog. He went to that shelter that day, asking for a dog like him: middle-aged and obese. O’Grey brought Peety home and, like most dogs, he had to be walked, forcing O’Grey to be active. Due to the increased activity and a change in diet, O’Grey and Peety got healthier together, losing 140 and 25 pounds over the course of a year.

Pets help people in many ways; they’re non-judgmental and let people feel good about themselves. The CDC even recognizes that they can help decrease blood pressure and cholesterol. Pets can even reduce feelings of loneliness – helping those with depression.

Read more about O’Grey and Peety’s story and decide for yourself, who rescued whom?