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Epic Outcomes

Poke Me Once, Not Twice

Yale New Haven Health System reduces duplicate ED labs by 40% using Epic

When a patient arrives in the emergency department, she might have blood drawn right away for diagnosis, and then again as a standard part of another test needed for treatment. Showing clinicians when a patient already has blood drawn and available for testing helped Yale New Haven Health System reduce duplicate tests by 40%, meaning fewer pokes and ED expenses for patients.

YNHHS tackled this issue in two EDs as part of local efforts to advance the national Choosing Wisely initiative. Clinicians see lab draws already taken when they order a lab test in Epic, so they can choose an order that doesn’t require an extra blood draw if appropriate. YNHHS also helped clinicians avoid duplicate testing with signs and training on wise use of resources.

Read more in the American Journal of Medical Quality and from Yale New Haven Health System.