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One-Click Way to Track Opioids

Clinicians quickly check for possible drug abuse through integration with Michigan’s PDMP

No hassle. No hang-ups. No signing in and out and moving between systems. When clinicians at Henry Ford Health System e-prescribe a controlled substance, they see right away whether the patient might have a history of drug abuse.

Henry Ford is one of several Epic community members that have integrated their Epic system with state PDMPs. When clinicians order a Schedule II-V drug, the system automatically queries the Michigan Automated Prescription System at the same time to see previous opioid prescriptions the patient might have had.

At Henry Ford, MAPS is queried 2,000 times per day. “You can imagine how many clicks and log-ins there is [if the EMR is not integrated],” said David Allard, Henry Ford’s chief medical information officer. “If integrated, MAPS automatically pulls up the query from the EMR.”

Read more in Crain’s Detroit. Epic community members can learn more about implementing a similar program at their organization in the Opioid Management Strategy Handbook.