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Just a Click Connects Patients with Online Coaching

Screenings in MyChart give patients guidance on alcohol use

Providing counseling to patients with high levels of alcohol use is an important first step to preventing health complications, so UNC Health Care streamlined the screening and referral process using a questionnaire in MyChart. In addition to eliminating the need for paper questionnaires during primary care visits, initial outcomes of the program show that 95% of patients who opened an email about the questionnaire completed it.

The questionnaire results are included in the patient’s chart automatically. If the patient’s answers indicate high levels of alcohol use, the patient receives a MyChart message with an invitation to a virtual coaching program to guide him or her toward safer behavior. Initial outcomes show 26% of those patients completed the program. Providers are notified when a patient has completed coaching so they can follow up with the patient at the next visit.

Epic community members can access the slides and audio from UNC’s presentation on the UserWeb.