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Cool Things

A GPS for the Road to Recovery

Patients’ support networks, right in their pockets

More than 85% of people who’ve completed addiction treatment relapse within a year, but beyond the one-year mark, relapse rates drop significantly. The WEconnect app, used by thousands of patients in recovery, focuses on helping patients through that critical period and into their lives after addiction using social media elements to keep patients accountable for their progress.

App users create routines to follow each day based on their treatment plans, including reminders for events like support group meetings and time for meditation, to form healthy habits. Their friends and family stay connected with them in the app, verifying that they’re staying on track and following their plan. Positive reinforcement, like milestone celebrations and financial rewards, helps users stay motivated. Counselors can monitor progress, too, and when a patient’s routine changes or her risk score is concerning, they can step in with extra help.

Company founders Daniela Tudor and Murphy Jensen are uniquely suited to design addiction treatment tools, having overcome their own issues with addiction. With their team of data scientists and treatment experts, they created the kind of tool they would’ve wanted during their own recoveries.

“Our mission is to save lives, and I’m proud our team is doing that every day,” Tudor said.

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