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Ambient Listening Helps Primary Care Doctors Finish Notes Faster

University of Michigan Health - West introduced ambient listening technology to draft physicians’ notes, better capturing each person’s story, improving the exam room experience, and saving physicians an average of 10 minutes per day.

University of Michigan Health – West in Wyoming, Michigan, is using technology that listens to the conversation with the patient to extract the medically relevant information in both the provider’s and the patient’s words and write the first draft of the physician’s note. Physicians at UM Health – West now spend less time—10 minutes less, on average—on notes each day, write better notes, and can devote their focus more fully to the patient during a visit.

How They Did It

  • Integrated Nuance DAX with Epic to draft notes from visit audio recordings
  • Trained physicians on how to let the system learn from their edits to improve over time
  • Communicated with patients about the change and measured improvements in patient experience scores
  • Used Epic Signal to measure improvements in physician efficiency

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