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The Beaker Meter

The Epic Beaker team coordinates several ongoing campaigns throughout the year, including a fan favorite--the Beaker Meter. Beaker, pictured here, moves around campus collecting loose change that is then donated regularly to a local charity. This winter, he is gathering donations for the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County and the Madison Children's Museum.

A Space for Design

Chris, one of our User Experience Designers, is seen here creating designs for our new website – the one you are using right this moment!  When he’s not designing the website, he works on our patient portal.

Always Enough Room for Staff Meeting

Early on, our monthly company-wide Staff Meetings were held in a lunchroom. When we outgrew the space, we shifted locations to a local movie theater, complete with popcorn. These days, Staff Meetings are held in our Deep Space auditorium, and for old time’s sake, popcorn is still served.

Evolve or Be Eaten: Shark Week

Twice a year, Epic turns its energy inward for several days of advanced staff training and professional development, lovingly called Shark Week. In 2015, 150 courses were taught by Epic people for Epic people.

Small World: Big Job

Folks from Epic's Internationalization (I18N) Team meet in "The Dungeon" conference room. (The 18 represents the number of letters between I and N in the word "internationalization.") Epic uses the same single program or “executable” in every country it serves–regardless of language. Here, the crew whiteboards an API enhancement.

Incubator Basement

As a startup, Epic shared the basement of this Madison apartment building with the company that created American Girl dolls. When American Girl left for nicer quarters, Epic bought their used office furniture.

Flashback to 1996: Epic’s First Website

A lot can happen in 20 years, but some things never change. We're still focused on healthcare and still hiring. Above is a fun look at our first web page, We moved to in 2009.