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The Treehouse Conference Room

Nestled in a cluster of red pines and black cherry trees, Epic’s treehouse looks something like a kid’s hideout – with its reclaimed barnwood walls and rope bridge.

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Yoda’s Cave

When we first built the Yoda parking structure, contractors discovered a cave and paused construction to have professional spelunkers take a look around. What they found was an untouched cave with beautiful mineralization.

Under Construction

Construction staff work on the foundations and exteriors of new office buildings, to be occupied by our staff this spring.

Groundbreaking in the Early Days

One of Epic’s original locations was an old school building constructed in 1956. On the day we moved there in 1996, we were already too big for the space and had to add on.

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Pi(e) Oh My!

On 3/14 at 1:59 PM, did you celebrate Pi Day?

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Land Miscalculation

When Epic had a little over 300 people and had outgrown its space for the fourth time, we started to look for land so that we wouldn’t have to move again.

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Cranes and Cranes

How many cranes do you see in this Epic campus photo?

The Y2K Scare

At the turn of the century, some believed that many computer systems would crash due to being insufficiently prepared for the date change. Epic ran a 24-hour command center on New Year’s Day to support our community. Fortunately, we received 0 calls.