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Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Kara enjoys the warm weather while getting from one end of campus to the other on an Epic bicycle. We now have a fleet of bikes and they are very popular.  A 10 minute walk is now just a 2 minute bike ride.

Making a Mark

Epic Community Members and staff got to sign the beam before it was hoisted into Deep Space for centuries to come

Pitch Perfect

The Ambulatones, one of our staff a cappella groups, sing in Deep Space. Formed in 2011, they recently released their first album, ICD-Fine.

Fireside Traditions

When our office on Medical Circle became too small for us, we looked for a bigger space. Our customers said, “You can’t move, because we like the fireplaces.” So we made a deal to put fireplaces in the conference rooms of our new office space. We kept that promise. When it’s below freezing, our fireplaces are lit and hot cocoa is available. Come visit us in winter and sit by a crackling fire.

Take your Kids to Work Day

Epic staff bring their kids in for an afternoon of creativity, campus exploration, and fun.

What’s In a Name?

While some Epic product names are self-evident (ASAP for ED, Stork for OB), there are few etymologies you might not know.

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Our First Computer

When Epic first got started, we had a $70,000 loan from the bank for our first computer. The two 50 MB drives (each capable of holding 14 songs from iTunes) looked and sounded like washing machines. You couldn’t touch them without messing up the data, so everyone walked in a wide circle around them.

In Good Hands

Epic is built by the people who work here, and to recognize that, plaster molds of their hands are put up on the walls on each person’s 10-year anniversary. The handprints represent our staff being part of the fabric of the walls, which hold up the buildings, which make up Epic. Hidden amongst the walls of hands you can find Vulcan salutes and children’s handprints.