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Saving Lives with Immediate Sepsis Treatment

Cambridge University Hospitals use Epic to catch sepsis early and save lives

At Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the number of sepsis patients treated within the first hour of diagnosis has jumped from 11% to 80%.

The improvement is attributed to real-time decision support in Epic, which helps clinicians diagnose sepsis as soon as possible and choose the right antibiotics to treat the source of infection.

“This is not an IT program that sits in the basement,” said Dr. Jag Ahluwalia, the trust’s digital director. “This is just how a 21st century hospital has to function. What is the data telling us? How can we help our clinicians use that data to treat people effectively… and, ultimately, to save lives?”

Read the full article in the Clinical Services Journal. Epic has also released a machine learning model for the early detection of sepsis, which community members can learn about here.

Photo source: CUH’s Facebook