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When Green Is All There Is to Be

As a medical company, our business is ensuring a healthy future for everyone. Part of that mission means protecting the environment for the future.

As our campus continues to grow, we have been taking active steps to respect our neighbors and the surrounding environment. Epic’s buildings are all constructed sustainably and powered in part by alternative energy. Farmers crop nearly 350 acres of our land, and we’ve strived to use minimally impervious concretes for our parking structures and roads to prevent runoff. The majority of our parking spaces are also underground, reducing our footprint and preserving the idyllic countryside.

Our buildings are heated and cooled by 1000s of miles of geothermal pipes reaching 500 feet underground. As a software company, we recognize that we use a lot of energy–we’ve installed six wind turbines and 18 acres of solar panels to help meet our energy needs. On a bright windy day we’re practically off the grid.