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Epic to Introduce MyMom Interactive Patient Module

Epic announced today that it will roll out features of a new interactive patient module tentatively titled “MyMom” with its May 2019 release. The module will build on patient-portal technology already established in Epic’s MyChart to encourage healthy exercise and eating habits, with a dose of love, a firm hand, and perhaps a little guilt.

Planned features include:

  • Text-message reminders to “eat – you’re wasting away!” when providers record body-mass indices of 28 or lower.
  • Integration with weather apps, resulting in predictive-model texts reminding you to “remember your sunscreen!” or “bundle up, or you’ll catch your death of cold.”
  • Seamless obstetrician referral suggestions on mothers’ linked children’s accounts, since your aunt’s accountant is single, you know, and it would be nice to have grandkids someday.
  • Genetic test processing filters that predict the likelihood that one day, you’ll have one just like you, and see how you like that.
  • Daily email reminders in the week before Mother’s Day, because “would it hurt for you to call now and then?”

“We’re excited to implement MyMom,” said Epic’s Vice President of Unwavering Support Trevor Berceau. “After all, nothing gets you moving like a ‘suggestion’ from Mom.”