Jacobs Medical Center Improves Patient Engagement with
MyChart Bedside

Putting medical information into patients’ hands

With Apple TV and an iPad in every room, UC San Diego Health’s new Jacobs Medical Center offers patients a high-tech experience that allows them to take more control of their inpatient care. A key component to this experience is MyChart Bedside, Epic’s application for tablets that patients can use to access their test results, learn more about members of their care team, review a schedule of their medications and procedures, and access educational materials. In addition to accessing their medical information, patients at Jacobs can use their iPads to control room temperature and access entertainment.

Having at-the-fingertips access to care information is more than just a patient convenience. Studies show that getting patients involved in their own care helps improve patient satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare costs. According to Marc Sylwestrzak, UC San Diego Health’s information services experience and development director, “Patients find having this information readily available is empowering. A combination of the security features, vital health data available through MyChart Bedside, control of the room environment and access to entertainment all available from an Apple iPad makes what we offer unique.”

Fifty-one Epic organizations are live on MyChart Bedside, and more than 49,000 admitted patients used the application last year. MyChart Bedside is #1 in KLAS for Interactive Patient Management.

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