Land Miscalculation
After outgrowing our space for the fourth time, we looked for land so that we wouldn’t have to move again

When Epic had a little over 300 people and had outgrown its space for the fourth time, we started to look for land so that we wouldn’t have to move again, but instead could pop up a new building whenever we needed it, like a mushroom.  Carl and Judy flew to Microsoft where Judy’s son worked at the Redwest location.  They figured Epic would grow at most to be 3,000 people and Redwest offices had about 3,000 people.  After walking the campus, they returned to Madison, looked at a bunch of locations, and purchased 350 acres in Verona, which they figured was about the same size.

Two architecture firms were designing our new buildings.  One designed much of the Microsoft campus and the other designed much of Disneyland and Disney World.  We asked the Microsoft firm how many acres the Redwest campus used, and they said 29.  Our purchase of the Verona campus was based on our complete inability to judge land size.  Turned out to be serendipitous.  We needed the land, and now have over 1,000 acres.