Practice Management

Cadence, Prelude, Resolute Professional Billing - #1 Ambulatory Practice Management (75+ Physicians)

Ambulatory Registration Prelude Enterprise Registration makes registration intuitive, efficient and virtually error-proof. Prelude provides tailored workflows, wizards and extensive error checking to help users complete registrations swiftly and accurately. Rules-based workqueues efficiently organize follow-up activity according to flexible criteria, targeting problem registrations and delegating follow-up to the appropriate staff.

Scheduling Cadence Enterprise Scheduling makes it easy for users to schedule any type of visit or procedure from anywhere in your organization. It also enhances your ability to keep appropriate slots open, take patient preferences into account and deliver high-quality service that can differentiate your organization.

Cadence serves as an intelligent partner for users, providing context-specific instructions, conflict checking and solutions for complicated appointment searches. Comprehensive rules-based scheduling features accommodate the needs of each clinician, room and piece of equipment – optimizing the use of staff and capital resources throughout your organization.

The Benefits of One Bill
Organizations that use Epic for both professional and hospital billing can take advantage of integrated Single Billing Office (SBO) features:
  • A single bill and payment plan increases patient satisfaction.
  • A single account simplifies follow-up and back office staffing.
  • A single point of customer service is convenient for patients and simplifies administration.

Professional Billing Resolute Professional Billing helps reduce A/R days, produces accurate claims, allows paperless collection processes and streamlines data entry. With Resolute, your billing office can easily track revenue from individual billing entities, divisions or markets. Its configurable library of medical necessity checks and charge/claims scrubbing routines help you reduce denials and satisfy demanding payors. The system sends clean, accurate claims using a variety of HIPAA-compliant transaction formats - resulting in prompt and accurate reimbursement.

Resolute's comprehensive reporting tools allow executives to analyze financial performance, leading to more informed operational decisions.

Call Management Customer Relationship Management/Call Management enhances customer service communications by storing patient information, service issues, and contact histories in a central location. The system allows users to effectively document, route, monitor, and resolve customer service inquiries from patients. The system's integrated reporting tools help you conduct detailed analysis of your organization's customer service, from evaluating individual patient/staff relationships to measuring the overall responsiveness of an entire facility, entity or department.

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