Mobile Applications and Portals

Integrated PHR MyChart gives patients controlled access to the same Epic medical records their doctors use, via browser or mobile app (for iOS and Android). Its self-serve online functions can activate patients to improve their own health, reduce the cost of customer service and provide a vital communication link to support accountable care. (Note that not all MyChart functions are available on mobile.) Patients can:

  • View test results
  • View upcoming & past appointments
  • Fill out pre-visit questionnaires
  • Schedule appointments
  • View paperless statements & pay bills online
  • Upload photos
  • Update medications and allergies
  • Connect to home devices
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Message securely with providers
  • View a child's records and print growth charts
  • Manage the care of elderly parents
  • View education topics triggered by EHR data
  • Get a chronic disease summary w/reminders

Inpatient Engagement Bedside is a patient-driven, interactive tablet app, designed to strengthen the patient’s relationship with the care team – making the hospital stay more enjoyable and productive.

Patient-facing options include:

  • Happening Soon – a real-time schedule of planned procedures and inpatient events.
  • Taking Care of Me – a visual summary (with profiles) of the care team.
  • I Would Like... – an overdue improvement on the nurse call button for requests.
  • Note to Self – a recorder and notepad for patients to prepare for discharge.
  • My Health – a patient-friendly summary of lab results and vitals.
  • To Learn – a hub for patient education, promoting quick recovery and reduced readmission.
  • Messages – an easy place to communicate with the care team on the patient’s terms.
  • MyChart Activation – so patients can remain engaged when they return home.

Handheld Mobile for Providers Haiku (for iOS and Android) gives physicians secure and portable access to patient charts, whether they are in the hallways of the practice, rounding at the hospital or away from work. Functionality includes chart review, patient lists, schedule, search, messaging, e-prescribing, dictation and clinical image capture.

Physician Access for iPad Canto offers access to Epic charts, messaging and other EMR functions. Physicians can use the dashboard-style front end to check schedules, respond to messages, dictate notes and review lab results from anywhere. Rounding physicians can get up to speed on patients before entering their rooms and dictate notes or send messages immediately after leaving.

Freestanding PHR Lucy is a PHR that is not connected to any facility's electronic medical record system. It stays with patients wherever they receive care and allows them to organize their medical information in one place that is readily accessible. Patients can enter health data directly into Lucy, pull in MyChart data or upload standards-compliant Continuity of Care Documents from other facilities.

Epic's Care Everywhere software can also retrieve documents from Lucy, making this information available to clinicians as part of the electronic chart. It's patient-guided interoperability.

Lucy is free of the two primary obstacles to patient PHR adoption:

  1. There are no advertisements on Lucy.
  2. Epic will not sell patient data for secondary uses.

Shared Medical Record for Community Providers EpicCare Link makes your organization an attractive choice for referring physicians by giving them secure, Web-based access to information about the care you provide to their patients. Sharing patient information with authorized providers helps them follow the progress of care for patients they refer to your organization and improves their ability to coordinate ongoing care. Secure messaging functions allow external physicians to offer electronic consults. EpicCare Link also makes the entire referral process faster and more efficient. For a tighter connection to community physicians, learn how Epic customers are extending a shared EMR.

Services for Providers and Employers PlanLink gives provider and payor organizations a competitive advantage by making distinctive services available to employers and community providers via the Web. Providers can submit referrals, receive approval notifications and review statuses of AP claims they are involved with. Payors can allow providers to print remittance advice reports, saving phone calls and mailing expenses. PlanLink's payor functionality also allows employers to access their online premium invoices for payment and reconciliation, as well as manage the online enrollment process for their employees.