Integrated Managed Care Systems for Providers and Payors

Managed Care Administration for Medical Groups Tapestry automates key workflows and tasks associated with managed care administration, helping provider organizations manage risk and maintain strong, collaborative relationships with payors. For providers, the system helps manage authorizations, maintain the eligibility of your members, and pays claims for your at-risk membership. A comprehensive Benefits Engine makes it easy to handle copays, co-insurance deductibles, maximum out of pocket limits, tiered benefits and more - allowing users to make informed decisions and minimize errors.

Health Plan Operations for Payors Tapestry is a comprehensive, flexible system designed to help health plans manage operations across all lines of business. It gives payor organizations the tools necessary to meet the needs of members, employers, affiliates and the providers that serve them. Tapestry automates eligibility tracking, premium billing, utilization management and contracting/claims operations using sophisticated benefit plans and contracts. It also works seamlessly with Epic's clinical, financial and access applications wherever they are implemented in your affiliated delivery networks.

Epic's integrated, Web-based PlanLink application simplifies communications and information sharing with employers, agents, providers and members. Payors can use PlanLink to make online enrollment, eligibility summaries, referral requests, AP claims review and customer service messaging available.