Epic Interoperability

Physician-guided Care Everywhere provides a framework for interoperability, so that wherever the patient goes – between healthcare systems in the same town or across state and national borders – the clinicians providing care can have the information they need. Information can come from another Epic system, a non-Epic EMR that complies with industry standards, or directly from the patient. When an Epic system is on both sides of the exchange, a richer data set is exchanged and additional connectivity options, such as cross-organization referral management, are available. Regardless of the information source, Care Everywhere connects it to your EpicCare EMR, giving clinicians a more complete clinical record.

Patient-guided Lucy is a freestanding Personal Health Record (PHR), not connected to any facility's electronic medical record system. It stays with patients wherever they receive care and allows them to organize their medical information in one place that is readily accessible. Patients can enter health data directly into Lucy, pull in MyChart data or upload standards-compliant Continuity of Care Documents from other facilities.

Epic's Care Everywhere software can also retrieve documents from Lucy, making this information available to clinicians as part of the electronic chart.

Lucy is free of the two primary obstacles to patient PHR adoption:

  1. There are no advertisements on Lucy.
  2. Epic will not sell patient data for secondary uses.

Connecting to existing software and outside facilities Epic software interfaces easily to hundreds of HIT systems. Learn more about Epic Interfaces and Connectivity.