Enterprise Intelligence

Epic's integrated analytics and reporting – collectively named Cogito ergo sum – delivers current clinical intelligence and business intelligence based on role and workflow. "Intelligence" can mean something different to each user, so Epic provides a combination of flexible tools, content, data sources, distribution, training, and process to support decisions throughout the health system with the best information available.

For the Clinician/User: Cogito presents clinicians with information that can improve the care they give – and lets them see how well they are doing. Every physician, nurse, scheduler or biller can start the day on a role-based Radar screen that provides a visual representation of what's important. As a user, the dashboard informs your day with trends, tasks and messages pertinent to your role and configurable to your preferences. More than 500 roles are currently in our library, including more than 100 specialized physician roles alone. Physicians and other members of the care team, empowered by analytics, hold the potential to help create a learning healthcare organization.

For the Manager: Cogito gives insight into how departments are doing and provides tools to better departmental performance. Dashboards and benchmarking metrics help identify areas for improvement, whether the opportunity lies in personnel training, process redesign or a change to the care model.

For the Clinical Leader: Embedded clinical intelligence can guide quality improvement with dashboards that aggregate and compare clinical performance across departments and facilities. Dashboards in development will provide visual comparisons to anonymized benchmarks of organizational KPIs, both clinical and financial.

For the Business Leader: Financial professionals and analysts use Epic's revenue dashboards to actively manage and work their revenue cycle metrics. Clinical integration allows for easier analysis of charge data, in addition to traditional revenue analytics like denial trends and AR composition. Cogito's Data Warehouse provides a platform for combining Epic data with data from other systems in your enterprise, as appropriate.

Disease Registries and Data Marts
Cogito provides a library of pre-built registries and analytical Data Marts for prevalent chronic conditions, as well as a dozen wellness registries. They help clinicians identify patients with important care considerations and make it practical for clinical leaders to manage key populations. These building blocks enable population management to be integrated in the patient chart and woven throughout clinical processes and decision support rules. They also greatly simplify measurement against goals and research study design.

Quality and Compliance
Our library has more than 2,500 shared reports built by customers and Epic. Of that collection, many are focused on satisfying the needs of formalized quality and compliance programs – including PQRI, NCQA, HEDIS and Core Measures.

Meaningful Use metric collection is built into all clinical workflows as a standard part of implementation and training. Certified and tested Meaningful Use reports are included and delivered to the appropriate staff, based on role. A large relative percentage of early Meaningful Use attestors have used Epic EHRs and Epic-provided content to meet the requirements of the program.

Open Analytics Environment
Cogito frees your Epic data for use in any number of industry-standard analytical and visualization tools. We provide a growing library of SAP BusinessObjects Universes that aggregate and translate complex data structures into simple terms. From these Universes, non-technical staff can quickly build presentation-ready Xcelsius dashboards and Web Intelligence (WebI) reports.