Departments and Ancillaries

Emergency Department ASAP Emergency Department Information System streamlines workflows and helps improve care delivery in busy emergency departments. Because it's integrated with Epic's other clinical applications, it combines instant access to comprehensive patient information with active decision-support functionality. ASAP clients dramatically reduce their wait times and transcription costs while providing faster, better care.

EpicRx Inpatient - #1 Pharmacy

Inpatient Pharmacy Willow Inpatient Pharmacy System is a key component of Epic's "closed-loop" medication ordering and administration process, linking pharmacists, ordering physicians and nurses to a single order record. With Willow, pharmacists can monitor medication treatment and improve medical outcomes, improving patient safety, minimizing adverse effects and helping control costs. Orders from EpicCare flow directly to Willow for verification and dispensing and also appear automatically on the MAR. Pharmacy staff have direct access to the chart during verification, empowering them to play a more active role in patient care, and verified orders can be routed to the appropriate dispensing device or to pharmacies outside the system. Changes made by a pharmacist are also automatically updated and available for other users. (Note: Willow was formerly known as "EpicRx")

Radiant Radiology Information System - #1 Radiology

Radiology Radiant Radiology Information System combines tools for rules-based scheduling, documentation, results communication, chart/film tracking and detailed statistical reporting in a unified system that is fully integrated with our clinical systems. Radiant allows clients to link images and reports with a single system that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users in multiple departments.

OpTime OR Management - #1 Surgery

Operating Room OpTime Operating Room Management System helps improve surgeon productivity, schedule utilization and perioperative documentation in both inpatient hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. OpTime includes tools for all key perioperative processes including scheduling, preference card management, anesthesia record keeping, pre-op assessments, procedure record and PACU documentation.

Anesthesia Epic Anesthesia Information Management System is designed to provide clinical documentation tools wherever anesthesia services are needed in your organization. It is integrated with OpTime Operating Room Management and EpicCare EMR to streamline documentation workflows across roles. Epic Anesthesia provides dedicated support for documentation of pre-op evaluations, pre-admission testing, intra-op care, recovery care and post-procedure care – including inpatient follow-ups and post-op phone calls.

Intensive Care Epic's ICU module supports users in super acute, comprehensive care, and interventional care environments, combining the functionality of our core clinical systems with targeted features and information displays. Care providers can trend clinical parameters such as hemodynamics and drips, vent settings and blood gasses, making it easier for them to assess the patient's condition and aiding in accurate decision making.

Nurse Triage Nurse Triage helps users handle more patient calls and deliver timely, effective care advice over the telephone. The system supports nurses throughout the triage process by providing easy access to patient records, proven practice management tools, and popular clinical protocols in a user-friendly format. As nurses assist patients, the system creates appropriate care documentation automatically, generating context-specific alerts and offering convenient access to scheduling information. Nurse Triage is integrated with all of Epic's applications, ensuring that call documentation always becomes part of the patient's enterprise record.

Home Care EpicCare Home Health is a portable care management tool for home care providers, offering easy-to-use documentation and charting tools that help coordinate patient care, improve communication with physicians and handle case assignments. Home Health uses a unique synchronization process, allowing users to access the patient's complete medical record and document care in remote areas.

Health Information Management Epic's Health Information Management system provides easy-to-use tools to simplify medical records management tasks, including:

  • Chart and Film Tracking - integrates seamlessly into the appointment scheduling workflow to help users track the movement of patient information through your facilities.
  • Chart Deficiencies - monitors each chart, tracking delinquencies, generating follow up messages, and offering tools for quickly resolving deficiencies - ensuring that medical charts contain the critical information clinicians need and improving reimbursement.
  • Release of Information - allows users to track and fill information requests, generate charges, and collect payments for this service.
  • Coding and Abstracting - stores configurable coding information required for DRGs and other groupers calculated by third-party coding products.

Clinical Laboratory Beaker Clinical Pathology provides seamless integration with Epic's Enterprise EMR, eliminating the need for multiple interfaces. It accommodates draw stations, clinic labs, hospital labs and large reference labs. Barcode-enabled workflows allow lab techs to track specimens within and across sites. Dynamic work lists display your lab's outstanding and overdue tests in real time. Lab staff have instant access to the patient's chart and can control reference ranges based on a patient's medical condition. Beaker includes built-in support for general lab, microbiology and QC testing. It also provides an ad-hoc reporting engine.

These Beaker tools allow your lab to connect with phlebotomists, clients and billing offices:

  • Rover for Phlebotomists uses handheld devices in a scan-based workflow, allowing users to review orders needing collection, print specimen labels at the patient's bedside and capture collection details.
  • OutReach expands your lab's business opportunities through a web-based portal where clients can submit bar-coded, instrument-ready specimens to your lab for testing and receive online results/notifications.
  • Reference Lab Billing supports your billing office's client billing and non-EMR patient billing workflows for tests completed in your Beaker labs.

Anatomic Pathology Beaker Anatomic Pathology supports the needs of surgical pathology and cytology labs. Barcode enabled workflows help promote safe practices, while dedicated pathologist, cytotech, and histotech work lists help guide cases through the lab. Integration with Beaker Clinical Pathology provides one click access to the patient's history and synoptic reporting allows for efficient data mining.

Public Laboratory Beaker Public Health Laboratory System is designed to meet the needs of multi-site public health laboratories. It helps users process specimens quickly, monitor quality control specimens, produce timely result reports in a variety of paper and electronic formats, create reports to analyze public health trends, and manage laboratory resources. Integration with Epic's OutReach application allows Web-based specimen inquiry.

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