Total Recall Training Project team members and key end users experience training in state-of-the-art training facilities in Verona, Wisconsin. The interactive, hands-on classes introduce participants to the software, discuss how it will impact workflows, prepare them for the rigorous certification process and provide a foundation for a successful implementation.

Training Wheels, Epic's end-user learning package, prepares end users to use the system on the first day of go-live through a robust curriculum of preparatory e-learning lessons, lesson plans, hands-on exercises, post-training e-learning lessons, "quick start guides" and optimization materials. These materials are tailored to specific roles and are scenario-driven.

e-Learning Interactive, scenario-based e-learning programs are available for nearly all of Epic's applications and include strategies for different learning styles. These e-learning modules will help your staff get up and running quickly. For example, our tutorials guide your clinicians through basic workflows as well as our Hyperspace user interface, allowing them to learn at their own pace. E-learning can be used as a standalone learning tool or in conjunction with formal, instructor-led end-user training.