Services and Community Options
"Epic has again shown that they can excel with both speed and quality."

KLAS CPOE Digest 2009 – Meaningful Use and Physician Adoption

Strong focus
With our small client base, we can give your organization personal service and support. From initial implementation and training through ongoing support and optimization, our approach to customer care is culture-rooted and process-focused. As a result, our customers consistently rate us highly for keeping promises - as well as for staying on-time and on-budget.

KLAS noted in a recent publication:

"Bottom Line: Epic leads the market in adding new clients
because buyers see low risk and proven success."

KLAS Physicians, Nurses, and EMR Adoption: Which Solutions are CEOs Betting On? July 2009 © 2009 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Faster installs cost less
Our development of starter content and standardized e-learning gets your organization up and running sooner – and at a lower cost. Our community rollout options help affiliated providers benefit from a unified record for the patients you share.

Starter ContentProvides configuration and pre-loaded settings such as order sets, templates, decision support and reports. It costs less and takes less time to install than building from scratch.
E-LearningSupplements live classroom training with short video lessons your staff can watch as needed. These targeted topics are designed to be brief enough for a quick review during the work day.
Connect to Existing SystemsEpic's dedicated EDI team is experienced with installing and maintaining interfaces to existing IT systems and outside facilities.