Validation-based Implementation Epic's validation-based implementation approach is built upon the best practices gained from decades of successful implementations. Our approach combines established processes with the flexibility to accommodate each client's unique objectives for improving patient services. This approach will help you go live, on schedule, with a system that meets your workflow and functionality needs. A key part of our methodology is our Foundation System, which provides a starting point for validating pre-built configurations based on the best content and workflows used at our customers' sites. This configuration for our applications streamlines the system build process.

Foundation System Epic provides a version of the system that comes pre-populated with settings, sample reports, and both clinical and specialty starter sets. This information comes from the wealth of resources that our customers share, and allows our new customers to take advantage of the good work others have done before them. This starter configuration makes installing, learning, and using Epic much faster, as our customers can apply the knowledge and content from other successful Epic implementations.

Process Engineering Epic's implementation teams contain experts who bring years of real-life experience to bear on helping you capitalize on your organization's Epic software investment. These specialists help you trim steps and eliminate wasteful redundancies from your core workflows. They have the unique perspective of not knowing "how it's always been done" at your organization so they can help you decide how to improve your processes.